Ever since 2002, I have had a display I call
Spooky Express
. I originally created this name when I wanted to have my own unique "store" in my basement, so I combined the names of the only two Halloween stores I knew of at the time: Spirit Halloween and Halloween Express. However, since Spirit Express would sound too similar to the store names, I chose a word I felt was more fitting: Spooky. Thus, Spooky Express was born.

I owned very few decorations at first, ranging from skulls, to 2-foot fabric monsters from Kmart, to Scarecrows from Michaels and Jo-Ann, to battery operated Gemmy Halloween toys. I would display these on shelves and Step 2 plastic furniture, in attempt to resemble displays at Halloween stores such as Spirit.

It was not until 2012 when I was more capable of getting serious about my display, and it was then I got my first actual animated Halloween prop: the Story Telling Reaper. In fall of 2012, I got my first official Spirit Halloween animatronic, the Poppin' Goblin. The display has had its ups and downs from there, buying new things to keep the display unique and selling old things to make space.

The display started in the bathroom closet of my basement, as this was the only space I was allowed to decorate in. However, in early 2017, I moved my entire collection to my bedroom closet, allowing much more space for props. In addition to this, I have now also included only Spirit Halloween props in the closet, and all my other decorations are spread throughout my room.

The "display" has now reached a point where it is only animatronics and static props in their boxes, resembling more of a stock room or storage unit than a display.


CreativeCatDalek is a hardcore Spirit Halloween collector. All of my animatronics are kept in their original boxes (if applicable) most of the year to maintain their condition for as long as possible, and I will rarely take them out even on Halloween.

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