Harriet Hustle
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Harriet Hustle
Sold at Spirit in 2021.

Made by TBD.

Original Price: $179.99

SKU#: 01512227

Theme: Factory Assembly Line

ANIM: 3908

Harriet is always hanging around waiting for her next victim . . . I mean mark. She learned all her skills for clowning and conning from her dear old dad Henry but when mom split with the ringmaster, times got tough, and her talent as a knife thrower took on a whole new side hustle. Now she lifts wallets while dad has you distracted. Just don't accuse either of cheating, or you will end up dealing the next hand six feet under.

It'd be best to watch your back this Halloween and double check those pockets once you put this Harriet Hustle animatronic on display. Watch as she swings back and forth and swivels her head around looking for her next victim.