Wacky Mole Clown
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Wacky Mole
Sold at Spirit in 2021.

Made by Seasonal Visions International.

Original Price: $219.99

SKU#: 01512177

Theme: Factory Floor

ANIM: 1869

The carnival is finally back in town! The main street is full of the smell of funnel cake, hot dogs, the sound of kiddie rides, and the screams of terrified children running for their lives. Wacky Mole is rolling back into town with his hammer and a wicked game after an extended stay at the Big Top Rest Home for Nervous Clowns. Be warned, it’s free to play, but the prize is escaping with your life!

The fan-favorite Wacky Mole animatronic is so excited to make its return to Spirit Halloween! Wacky Mole will turn your home into the ultimate creepy funhouse and have everyone shook this Halloween with his rotating waist, light-up LED eyes, and sinister smile. Wacky Mole even features blacklight responsive details that will have him glowing in any black-lit setting!