Teary the Clown
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Teary the Clown
Sold at Home Depot in 2022.

Made by Seasonal Visions International.

Original Price: $199.00

SKU#: 1007261647

INT#: 319608255

Theme: Grave & Bones

Ramp up the ominous vibe with this terrifying Teary the Clown animated figure. The moving mouth and torso elicit shrieks of terror, giving your home a charged and spooky atmosphere. Uttering sinister phrases, this creepy clown offers loads of frightful fun. The light-up LED eyes deliver fearsome glares, and the motion sensor activates movements and sounds when someone is nearby, giving your guests a good scare. At 7 feet tall, this Teary the Clown animated figure offers giant-sized jump-inducing frights.