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Sold at Spirit in 2021.

Made by Seasonal Visions International.

Original Price: $279.99

SKU#: 01512730

Theme: Factory Assembly Line

ANIM: 5923

Watch out when the sun dips below the horizon and the dark blanket of night lays across your sleepy little town because Grim and his tortured, undead brethren rise to stalk the lives of the living. Cursed to walk the night for eternity, reaping misfortune and ghastly dread to anyone unlucky enough to cross their path. Don't be fooled by their wicked sense of humor, or else while you are laughing, you might find that your funny bone, along with the rest of your skeleton, ends up part of their army – FOREVER!

This Grim Skeleton animatronic will send a chill down your spine this Halloween while using a combination of three different servos. Mr. Grim's head movement was programmed to turn side to side, nod up and down, and tilt left to right, all at the same time to create a lifelike, complex movement. In addition, two more servo motors are used to control the eye movement, allowing the eyes to realistically turn up and down and from side-to-side as he spits some bone-chilling phrases.