Stranger Things: Demogorgon
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Sold at Spirit in 2020 (Online Only).

Made by PartyTime Latex Art & Crafts.

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SKU#: 07570617

License: Stranger Things

He's found his way out of the parallel dimension known as the Upside Down and now he's here just in time for Halloween to feast on any trick-or-treaters who get too close! With the power to travel through dimensions at will, brute strength, and an incredible ability to detect blood, the Demogorgon is certainly not a creature to be taken lightly! Featuring a giant stature, sharp claws, and a head that reveals a petal like face lined with razor sharp teeth, this Demogorgon has caused plenty of trouble in Hawkins and now he's coming to run amok in your neighborhood!

This Demogorgon static prop stands at an astounding seven and a half feet tall and is sure to have your decor looking strange this Halloween!