The Collector
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The Collector
Sold at Spirit in 2019.

Made by PartyTime Latex Art & Crafts.

Original Price: $249.99

SKU#: 01423029

Theme: S.S. Rip Tide


Welcome to the underworld. This immortal creature is looking to collect as many souls as possible, and if you don’t move quickly, you may be next. The Collector can sense the slightest bit of fear from all of his onlookers, so if you dare cross his path, you may be in for a dark encounter. He’ll sneak up behind you and tower over your shoulder, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to take what he wants! You may think you can get away, but once he spots your precious soul, there is no way out. You’ll officially become a part of his beloved collection.

The Collector loves to show off what he’s taken. Moving his waist from side to side, his eyes glow a red that will make pure terror runs through your body. As his jaw moves up and down while telling you why he’s collecting human souls, something inside his burlap sack slowly squirms, trying to break free.